Origin of Bikaneri Bhujia

The history of the famous Bikaneri Bhujia is, indeed, the history of Bhikaram Chandmal.

We started manufacturing Bhujia about 125 years ago as a small-scale industry in the erstwhile state of Bikaner, in the heart of ‘Thar Desert’. The group was founded by late Tansukhdas Agarwal, who used to manufacture BARI (a local home made dry vegetable) made with Moth Dal flour. Once he fried these BARI in frying pan and found it very tasty. He named this new product BHUJIA that means ‘fried product’, thus inventing a new product, which now has the world fame.

Later his son Bhikharam and grandson Chandamal joined his business. They improved the quality of Bhujia. The father and son duo got patronage from the Maharaja of Bikaner and were also awarded suitably. Bhujia gained popularity, as it was included in the list of favorite snack foods in the Darbar of Bikaner.

Yesterday. Today

Continuously innovating, Bhikharam and Chandmal introduced numerous varieties of Namkeen. With time local population favoured Bhujia as their regular snack food, carrying it as gift to their relatives and friends in distant places. This brought popularity to Bikaneri Bhujia and namkeens in the other states. The Demand for Bikaneri Bhujia increased manifolds.

In 1990 Mr. Navratan Agarwal and Mr. Hari Ram Agrawal from BHIKHARAM CHANDMAL BHUJIAWALA, BIKANER established their first high-tech systematic manufacturing unit to produce quality BHUJIA and NAMKEENS. The unit was named SUNSHINE FOOD PRODUCTS. They inherited the art of manufacturing quality Bhujia and Namkeens from their ancestors.

What is Bhujia made of?

The raw materials for manufacturing Bikaneri Bhujia include Moth Dal (Kidney beans), Edible oil and Spices. Moth dal is the main crop in Bikaner region which is cultivated in summer season. The crop requires only 2-3 rains. The dry climate and wind conditions are conducive for better growth of this crop.

The aroma of Bikaneri Moth is quite different than Moth grown with irrigation in other parts of India. Locals believe that this is the main reason of Bikaneri Bhujia popularity.